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Roberto Carlos Figueroa was born in a little town called "El Dorado", Chalatenango, El Salvador. In El Salvador native language Chalatenango means "Blessing Length". Form the moment He was born people knew that there was something different about him. Son of a Capitan and a Peasant woman. When he was 6 years old his parents got divorced and he was forced to live with his grandfather. As a young child he was strongly influenced by his Grandfather. In January 1992 Roberto moved to San Salvador city where he pursue his collage degree. After a failed PhD in medicine, Roberto decides to join the army where he graduated as a second lieutenant Air Force officer with specialization in engineering. Shortly after the peace agreements, Roberto decides to leave the army and live a civilian life.

My Book

The process of healing! The reason behind Dancing.

My story is a recollection of memories of my childhood life and as a young adult.On many days I am a little boy; a three year old boy standing with eyes wide open trying to make sense of adult communication; adult interaction and adult relationships. I love you Mama, I love you Papa! But please stop! Stop ripping each other open.